2020 Event Schedule

LCAF Panels for Saturday, April 25, 2020 (50 minutes)

11am: “La Palabra Speaks: Scriptwriting for Comics and Graphic Novels”

A successful comic, graphic novel, or picture book is a balance of carefully crafted written storytelling and compelling visual storytelling in which both writer and illustrator are present on the page. This panel features Cathy Camper (Lowriders in Space, Bugs Before Time), Henry Barajas (La Voz de Mayo: Tata Rambo), and Isabel Quintero (Photographic, My Papi Has a Motorcycle) in a conversation about their writing process and collaboration with illustrators. 

Moderated by Luke Martinez

12pm: “Those Who Do It All: A Discussion with Author-Illustrators”

Exploring the creation and development of one’s own comic property, these cartoonists, who both write and illustrate their own comics and graphic novels, discuss storytelling techniques and processes. The panel features NARCOMEY (Draw Hard Comix, CHOLO LIBRE), Javier Hernandez (El Muerto), Catalina Rufín (Slowly But Shirley), and Maxi Rodriguez (Chubby Bunny).

Moderated by Isabel Quintero

1pm: “BORDERx: Comics as Civic Engagement”

BORDERx began as boiling rage in founder Mauricio Alberto Cordero's gut. Today, it is a beautiful 170-page anthology with over 70 international contributors, a prologue by U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR), and a foreword by Michael Garcia Bochenek (Human Rights Watch) and Warren Binford (Director of the Clinical Law Program at Willamette University). Panelists Mauricio Alberto Cordero (Project Founder), Phoebe Cohen (Comix Creator), and Lee A. Gooden (Comix Writer) will discuss the project, the case for comics as a medium for civic engagement, and how to transform rage into activism.

Moderated by Dr. Frederick Luis Aldama

2pm: The Impact and Universality of Superhero Stories  

For the larger part of the last century, the superhero genre within the comic book medium has grown exponentially, creating impactful stories and characters that represent a larger demographic of the audience while offering universal themes and ideals for readers of all ages. Led by Barbra Dillon (Editor-in-Chief, Fanbase Press), this panel features Frederick Luis Aldama (Distinguished University Professor, Eisner Award-winning author of Latinx Superheroes in Mainstream Comics), Dr. Theresa Rojas (Professor of English, Director of The Latinx Comic Arts Festival), and Sebastian Kadlecik (Creator, Eisner Award-nominated Quince) discussing the educational import of superheroes and how they allow readers to process complex themes and topics in a more digestible manner. 

3pm: "DIY Comix" 

A discussion on making your own comic books and zines. This panel features cartoonists Breena Nunez Peralta (Half and Half), Lawrence Lindell (From Truth with Truth, From Black Boy with Love), Liz Mayorga and Jaime Crespo (Corn Tortilla Press) who create and distribute their own properties. Questions we’ll address include: What you need to get started, different creative and developmental processes, and how being an artist of color affects one’s work/view. We’ll explore how these creators got involved in making comix, zines, and so much more!

Moderated by Jaime Crespo

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