Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Monster Matador Volume 1 Adds a Study Guide!

Our own Dr. Theresa Rojas, LCAF Director joins MONSTER MATADOR for the Volume 1 collection!

Dr. Rojas is contributing a study guide to our 180+ page collection MONSTER MATADOR VOLUME 1 on @kickstarter Check out 180+ pages of Matador vs Kaiju action in Monster Matador Volume 1 - a delightfully demented throw down of epic proportions! Pledge today to make it a reality and join the fight against monsters on Kickstarter!

matador looking into a monster's mouth

“Folks. You need this comic. Prince is a stellar writer, Fabio Alves draws really great monsters, Alex Zief colors the madness… Yes, this comic is that good!"
--Blake Morgan, Blake's Buzz