The 2024 Latinx Comic Arts Festival
Exhibitor Biographies

ABIGAIL PIÑA ROCHA CARLISLE is a Chicana Illustrator based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She creates art, comics, illustrations, and murals about Latino culture as well as the world around her. As a failing goth in recovery, she is also an advocate of the death positive community and explores the intersection between death and Mexican culture. IG: @chica_artista_illustration
is a queer comic artist and product designer based out of Los Angeles. They are the sole creator of the aroace-led supernatural comic, Husk, crafted with a deep love for Mexica mythology and interwoven with threads of Al’s own journey to reconnect with their Mexican roots. They also have a background in storyboards, illustration, and character design. Visit: huskcomic.com. IG: @aleasha.acevedo
ALEX SCHUMACHER is an author/illustrator whose work includes the weekly webcomic, Decades of (in)Experience, and the monthly online, misadventures of Mr. Butterchips (collection) released July, 2020 by SLG Publishing. The indie comics, Luminaries, relaunched the webcomic May 5, 2021. Alex has written for industry outlets such as Comicon.com, The Comic Book Yeti, and Monkeys Fighting Robots Magazine. He is represented in his graphic novel work by Allison Hellegers of Stimola Literary Studio. His debut MG graphic novel, The Effects of Pickled Herring, is available from Mango Publishing. Visit: linktr.ee/AJSchumacherart
AMBER PADILLA is a cartoonist and illustrator based in Oakland, CA. The Secret Garden on 81st Street: A Modern Graphic Retelling of The Secret Garden is Amber’s debut graphic novel. She is currently working on her forthcoming YA graphic novel, Sugar Coated. At her day job she hobnobs with the Peanuts gang over at the Schulz Studio. When she’s not drawing or crafting, she’s snuggling with her cat, and spending time with her husband, family, and friends. Visit amberpadilla.com. IG, Fb: @candymistakes
THE ART HOMIES is an art group that started in 2018. What began as a high school rivalry between founders Jose "Freddy" Vasquez and Quintin Navales Jr., turned into a community of local artists making their comic book dreams a reality. Members and published artists Harold George, Micah Mate, and Andrew Rodriguez's contributions to the group have led to the creation of over 10 comic books waiting to be released! Each member's unique style and techniques have made an environment where artists are pushed to greatness. Visit: arthomiescomics.com
BRIAN WELLS / COMICWEB - Starting at 10 years old his Comic book obsession spawned into so much more. Before the term Pop Culture Nerd became a phrase, he was living it. Now in 2024 with over 10 years of Comic Book conventions and sales under the belt. Comicweb kicks it up a notch. Our goal is to bring your comic book needs into the open at affordable prices. Our foundation is all about integrity and doing the right thing. IG: @comicweb
CANDY BRIONES is a cartoonist whose original characters were featured as the premiere poster art for the first Latinx Comic Arts Festival (2020). Her studio is Taco El Gato Comics, a small indie comic brand from Los Angeles, CA that produces comics, original art, and prints. She plans to expand into other art forms such as mobile games and animation. Her caricature business is Caricartoons by Candy. Visit: Tacoelgatocomics.com. IG: @CaricartunsByCandy, TikTok: @TacoElGatoComics
CARLOS SALDAÑA is a creator, writer, artist, and publisher of BURRITO comics. He has been a member of the National Cartoonist Society and the Comic Art Professional
Society for over 30 years. Born and raised in East Los Angeles, Carlos studied graphic arts at Los Angeles City College. “Burrito jack of all traders” comic books are available on Amazon.com or at comic book Conventions. Visit: toonist.com. Fb: @carlossaldana72
CATHY CAMPER is the author of the award-winning Lowriders in Space graphic novel series, Arab Arab All Year Round (winner of the 2023 Arab National Book Award), Ten Ways to Hear Snow, and Bugs Before Time. She also writes zines, including Sugar Needle, and is a founding member of the Portland Women of Color zine collective. An Arab American and a graduate of VONA/Voices writing, Cathy is a librarian and lives in Portland, Oregon. Visit: cathycamper.com. IG, X: @cfastwolf, Fb: @cathy.camper
CHRISTIE SHINN is an illustrator and comic artist who lives in Los Angeles. She draws funny, mean stuff like Demon Bitch and other terrible illustrations and comics showing the world in its vapid, gross entirety, plagued by a completely self-serving bunch of losers who only are in it for themselves. She won the 2018 Ringo award for Best Anthology for Mine! - a comics collection to benefit Planned Parenthood. She is the President of Comic Arts Professional Society (CAPS), founded by esteemed cartoonists Sergio Aragonès and Don Rico, and writer Mark Evanier. She wants to promote, nurture, and network artists and writers in the sequential and non-sequential art aspects of the comic arts. Visit: horatorastudios.com. IG, X: @horatorastudios
COMADRES Y COMICS is a podcast that highlights women and Latinx representation in the comic book industry as characters, creators and fans. Visit: comadresycomics.com, IG: comadres y comics, Fb: @ComadresyComics, X: @comiccomadres, TikTok: Comadres Y Comics
CRYSTAL GONZALEZ is an independent Chicana cartoonist and animator with an MFA from The California College of the Arts. Her works include a self-published graphic novel series called In The Dark, She is the creator of the popular cartoon series, Skitzo the 1920s Killer Bear on YouTube with over 13 million views. Her works have been featured at the Charles Schulz Museum, MOLAA - The Museum of Latin American Art, and The Galeria de la Raza in San Francisco. Gonzalez is currently working on her next volume of In The Dark and a sci-fi web comic series called S.A.H.U. Visit IG, Fb, X: @Comickpro
DEMETRE DURHAM is an innovative artist of Black and Puerto Rican descent from Brooklyn, NY who made his mark early with Titan Up, a superhero cartoon created in third grade. Titan Up showcases a multicultural team confronting issues of diversity, authority, and the weighty task of protecting a world that frequently marginalizes minorities. Demetre relocated to Los Angeles to further his ambitions in art and dance, where he continues to captivate and motivate with his work. Visit demetredurham.com/titanup. IG: @your.royal.freshness, @TitanUpComics. 

DUKESCOMICS is an international small press and studio based in New Mexico, U.S.A. We currently have two graphic novels Daizee & the DUKES of Chuco: Chuco-Juárez World Rally and A.W.O.L.: Cruz Ochoa available in multiple languages depicting a future U.S. southwest and a technological borderland culture. The main characters illustrate challenges BIPOC sheroes in the STEM and military fields might face. Our books are for readers ages ten and up. Visit: DUKEScomics.com. IG: @dukescomics_publisher
DUSTIN GARCIA is a Cuban Nicaraguan Artist and Art Educator from Downey, California. His latest book Walo: A Central American Odyssey in collaboration with writer and filmmaker Douglas Cushnie centers on the migrant experience and cultural experience of Nicaragua. He has taught at numerous schools, universities, and organized a multitude of events centered in comics culture and education. Visit: dustooned.com. IG: @Dustooned
EDDIE DEANGELINI is a long time comic book fan and collector. His love of comics began at a young age and continues to this day and his webcomic Collectors is loosely based on his own life, marriage and comic collecting obsession. Collectors is a love letter to the pop culture phenomenon of comic books and to all the wives who trip over longboxes all over the house! The comic can be found at CollectorsComic.com as well as in eight collected print volumes. Visit: collectorscomic.com. IG and Fb: @collectorscomic
FANBASE PRESS celebrates fandoms and creates new ones! As an Eisner and Harvey Awards-nominated comic book publisher and geek culture website, Fanbase Press produces new and distinctive works, as well as daily reviews, interviews, and podcasts, that span the pop culture spectrum and give voice to the themes, ideals, and people that make geekdom so exceptional. Fanbase Press’ graphic novels include the 2023 Eisner and Harvey Awards-nominated RIPPLE EFFECTS, 2018 Eisner Award-nominated QUINCE, the 2020 IPPY Award-winning QUINCE: THE DEFINITIVE BILINGUAL EDITION hardcover, the 2022 International Latino Book Award-winning NUCLEAR POWER, and more! Visit fanbasepress.com/. IG: @fanbasepress, X: @Fanbase_Press
FREDERICK LUIS ALDAMA / PROFESSOR LATINX is an award-winning author of over 48 fiction, comics, animation shorts, and scholarly books. He is an inductee of the National Cartoonist Society, Texas Institute of Letters and Ohio State University's ODI Hall of Fame. He is founder and director of the Latinx Pop Lab and holds the Jacob & Frances Sanger Mossiker Chair in the Humanities at the University of Texas, Austin. Visit: professorlatinx.la.utexas.edu.
GABRIEL HERNANDEZ is a writer and creator from San Antonio, Texas who now resides in Dallas. He is a professional account executive for a logistics company and writer for Comic Cartel. Robert Arista is a full time partner and illustrator for Comic Cartel. Together they have four books in the Coywolf comic series. Both artists live in Dallas, Texas forming a dynamic duo with their creative series featuring indigenous, independent, female character representing all races in the great southwest. Visit: coywolfcomic.com. IG: @coywolfcomic, @gh_comics
GLADYS OCHOA is an educator, cartoonist and illustrator from the outer reaches of the Bay Area. She enjoys drawing the absurd situations found in life, often utilizing animals as the characters in the story. Coming from a Latinx family, she uses tongue-in-cheek storytelling to dispel negative stereotypes and celebrate her Mexican/Salvadorean heritage. IG: @drawinkstudio
is an award-winning writer whose works include: Gabi, A Girl in Pieces (Cinco Puntos Press), Ugly Cat & Pablo and Ugly Cat & Pablo and the Missing Brother (Scholastic, Inc.), Photographic: The Life of Graciela Iturbide (Getty Publications), My Papi Has a Motorcycle (Kokila), and most recently in the 2023 Candlewick anthology Ab(solutely) Normal: Short Stories that Smash Mental Health Stereotypes. Forthcoming is Mama’s Panza (Kokila 2024). Visit: isabelinpieces.com IG and X: @isabelinpieces
JAIME CRESPO - Probably best known in the comics’ world as the equivalent of the “Witness Protection Program,” Crespo has been drawing and writing underground comix for over 40 years. His work can be found in any of the better liquor stores and taquerias throughout the Aztlan. Visit: corntortillapress.com. IG: @the_real_comixvato, Fb: @Jaime.crespo.73, Youtube: Pazvato
JANDRO GAMBOA is a writer and English teacher from Santa Maria, CA. He is also a distance runner and cat enthusiast. His Monty Gomez series is about halfway done. Monty Gomez is the Luchador is available as a trade paperback. His work has recently been optioned for a streamer series. Visit: labishka-ink.square.site. IG: @montygomezcomic
JAVIER CRUZ WINNIK has created a graphic novel series titled A Reason to Smile! in which all 4 books were funded through Kickstarter.com. The series has sold over 4,000 copies with more scheduled to print. Creating this series allowed him the opportunity to write and illustrate stories for Puerto Rico Strong (LionForge) and Ricanstruction (Somos Arte & DC Comics), as well as the Harvard Journal and more! Visit: www.thecurv.com. IG, TikTok: @thelearningcurv, X: @thalearningcurv  
JAVIER HERNANDEZ is a cartoonist and arts educator. His most well known property is El Muerto the Aztec Zombie which he writes, draws, and publishes through his imprint Los Comex. IG: @javierloscomex, Fb: @Javier.F.Hernandez, X: JavierHernandez,  Youtube: LOSCOMEXTV
JAVIER SOLORZANO is a comic book creator and artist. His comic Super Lucha Cats about a family of lucha libre cats defending their neighborhood has been called "a big win" by Eric Mutter of Lucha Central. Super Lucha Cats blends Solorzano's love of his cats, lucha libre, and his Mexican upbringing to tell an action packed story set in his home town of Bell Gardens. Visit: LuchaCat.com. IG: @luchacat
JOHN NARCOMEY is an Indigenous/Chicano cartoonist from Southern California's Inland Empire. With 15 plus years of experience in illustration, graphic design, and the independent comic book field, Narcomey is currently working on his sci-fi/horror, rezploitation graphic novel, Invasion Rising: A Land Back Epic. IG: @narcomey_art
JORGE A. SANTANA taught in the Spanish Department at CSU, Sacramento for 37 years. He has authored books dealing with Hispanic folklore and literature and was editor of a literary journal for 20 years. Born in Mexico, he earned his B.A. and M.A. at San Diego State University. He completed his doctorate at the Universidad de Madrid. His comic, Teslaman Fights Dirty, deals with climate change. Volume II is in the works. His latest publication is a booklet of satirical postcards by famous VIPs. IG: @teslamansuperhero
JORGE GARZA / QETZA is an Illustrator/Storyteller known for his Aztec art and pop culture mashup style called Azteca Pop. His artwork has been exhibited at the National Museum of Mexican Art. In 2022, his first children’s book, Sábado, was published by Lil’ Libros. He also writes and draws his own comic book creations. IG: @qetzaart
JOSE PIMIENTA lives in Burbank, California making comics.They wrote and illustrated the books Suncatcher and Twin Cities, which focus on the culture clash of Northern Mexico and the Southwest of the United States. They have also had the privilege to work with other great authors to bring fascinating stories to comic life. In their spare time, they go on bike rides or long walks. Visit: josepimienta.com. IG: @thejoepi   
JUSTIN RUEFF is a professional sign-painter, educator and comics illustrator. He is the author/illustrator of Brother Crow and a Guide to Understanding The Neverending Story, as well as the illustrator of Less Desolate, a collection of over 108 haiku comics written by Seattle WA's civic poet, Shin Yu Pai. Justin teaches drawing, painting and comics to students of all ages in California, Oregon and Washington. IG: @justinrueff
KATLIN MARISOL SWEENEY-ROMERO (she/her) Dr. Sweeney-Romero is an Assistant Professor of Cinema and Digital Media at UC Davis. She earned a PhD in English with a specialization in Film Studies from The Ohio State University in 2023. Her dissertation, Social Mediated Latinas: Creating and Contouring Digital Latina Looks in the Twenty-First Century, examines how Latinas utilize their social media presence to act as both cultural producers of original content and participants in intracultural discourse related to ethnoracial identity. Katlin is the Co-Coordinator of Programming and Social Marketing for The Latinx Comic Arts Festival. IG: @kalita.marisol
LINDSEY DANAE PEREZ is a two-spirit multimedia Tongva artist who encourages self-decolonization through visual storytelling, giving voice to gender-nonconforming experiences, cultural reclamation, and spiritual awakening in their collection of handmade, self published comic zines. They also create inspiring art prints, stickers, magnetic bookmarks, pins, and live anime style sketch portraits and more that will be available for sale during the Latinx Comic Arts Festival. IG, TikTok: @LindzenatorDraws
LUCERO VARGAS MENDOZA is the Latinx Comic Arts Festival’s Volunteer Coordinator. She is a nature-loving dancer and poet from Fresno, California. As a former ASMJC Senator and MJC graduate, she is now pursuing her bachelor's degree at Fresno State. Lucero is passionate about exploring the outdoors, dancing, and writing poetry, always seeking new adventures and opportunities to make a positive impact.
LUPITA ELIZONDO is a first time vendor at Latinx Comic Arts Festival. She will be sharing her passion for her cultura through art in forms of stickers, pins, prints and puzzles. She is mostly known for designing indigenous designs on wearable art like jewelry. You can find her merchandise by following her on IG: @rastavibe
MANUEL MARTINEZ was born of immigrant parents, educated by the public system and is dedicated to art. All this led to becoming an illustrator for hire. He is also a graduate of SFSU in Art History and Illustration as well as an alumni of the Academy of Arts. He is the 2022 Latinx Comic Arts Festival poster artist. IG: @manuelmartinezart
MICHAEL VASQUEZ / IZEL ILLUSTRATIONS is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Fresno, CA. His work is inspired by indigenous and Mesoamerican cultures. He creates and sells digital illustrations, art prints, enamel pins, embroidered patches, vinyl stickers, and apparel of this artwork. IG: @izelillustrations
THE MISSION ART AND COMIC EXPO (MACE) is an annual event highlighting Latinx comic artists in the San Francisco Bay Area. MACE will be represented at LACF by Executive Director Alex Sodari, a San Francisco born artist and organizer who has been producing zines and community events for over ten years. He is the editor of comic anthology the Lazer Zine, former zine director of Rock Paper Scissors Collective, and editor of MACE’s first anthology Únicomix. 
Visit: www.missionartandcomwcexpo.com  
NATHANIEL OSOLLO lives somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd dimension. He self-publishes comics, creates public art installations, and dabbles in augmented reality. Most recently, the creator has been crowdfunding comics starring his original character, Dark Mouse. Visit: eyedraugh.square.site. IG & X: @eyedraugh
OSCAR ROMERO is a representational painter who started self-publishing his horror/suspense comic, Dreadful Analekta, in 2021. He is currently illustrating a new comic series, Tome, with the writer of STUD and The Bloodblade, Perry Crowe. Visit: poormansart.com, at IG, X: @oscar1319 and Fb: @romerooe
PAUL MEYER - Like most proud Nuevomexicanos, Paul Meyer's family lineage is not “American” by birth or immigration but rather annexation. He currently is “doing time” in Hollywood and whether it be acting, directing or writing, he always strives to be an honest and true storyteller. Visit: underthecottonwoodtree.com. IG: @utctbook  
PEPE MELAN lives in southern California and has worked as a freelance artist since 1987. Pepe’s style is a mix of comic book art, surrealism, and urban art. Over the years his credits include the cartoon P.J. Funny Bunny and as a graphic designer for the musical artist Prince. Currently, he is working on expanding his company Unique Realm by producing the anthology series, Unique Realm Illustrated. Visit: pepemelan.com. IG: @uniquerealm, Fb:@pepemelan, X: @pepemelan
PETER J MELLINI is the definition of a Professional Geek. He’s the owner of Nostalgic Comic Shop in San Gabriel, California, the co-founder / lead organizer of the East LA ComicBook Art and Pop-Culture Expo and the co-creator and writer of Gordo: Teenage Flying Saucer, an all ages sci-fi superhero adventure comic book. Visit: NostalgicComicShop.com IG, Fb: @TeenageFlyingSaucer
PISTOS Y GRITOS is a Chicano owned clothing line dedicated to spreading our Cultura. From Barrio to Barrio, Pistos Y Gritos embodies the Spirit that is Chicano. Our clothing is made to represent our Cultura, the way OUR Cultura is supposed to be represented. Finally, a label that makes clothing FOR us, for all Mi Gente Hermosa. And as always, Stay Trucha! IG: pistos_y_gritos
RAFAEL NAVARRO is an animation, illustration, and comic artist who specializes in action adventure. He earned a Xeric Foundation Award, Daytime Emmy, and two nominations for outstanding special class in animated program. Comics iinclude Gumby’s Gang starring Pokey, Bela Lugosi’s Tales from The Grave, Guns A’ Blazin’ co-created with writer Mike Wellman, Xeric Award winning Lucha Noir, and cult classic Sonambulo–his solo creation, now celebrating 25 years. Clients include Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Warner Bros, Sony, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Mattel/Technicolor, and Lego. Show credits include The Batman, Scooby Doo, Spectacular Spiderman, Rugrats, Mucha Lucha, and more. IG: @rafael_navarro007, Fb: @rafael.navarro
ROBERT LIU-TRUJILLO is a lifelong Bay Area resident. Born in Oakland California, he’s the child of student activists who watched lots of science fiction and took him to many demonstrations. Always drawing, Rob grew up to be an artist, falling in love with graffiti, fine art, illustration, murals, and children’s books. Through storytelling he’s been able to scratch the surface of so many untold stories. Rob is the author and illustrator of Fresh Juice/Jugo Fresco, and he’s illustrated numerous other children’s books. He’s the dad of a teenage boy and a little girl. Visit: work.robdontstop.com IG: @robert_tres
RUBEN NAJERA is a comic book writer and letterer. His work includes the Betty and Veronica story in Archie Comics The Best Archie Comic Ever as well as numerous works with other publishers. His upcoming original story "Calaguerra" will be available worldwide and published by BloodMoon Comics in June, 2024. He is the new writer at 10 Ton Press, currently writing rock and roll biographies for some of the biggest bands and musical acts in the world. Ruben is also a former professional skateboarder and movie stuntman and currently hosts one of the top pop culture podcasts in the world called "Passions Personified" available on all major streaming platforms. Visit: www.rubennajera.com. IG: @rubennajera
SOFIA S. MOLINA is the owner/artist of Blue Ixi'im Arte. She is an East Bay, CA born and raised Chicana Modern/contemporary artist who expresses her creativity in various forms, but her true passion is putting art on canvas. She has been a creative force throughout her life and enjoys uplifting people through her artwork and personality. Her inspiration comes from her family, culture, heritage, music, quotes, poems, spirituality, and history of Latin America. You can find her selling her original pieces, prints, stickers, colorful boxes and ceramics at various festivals, events or on Instagram. IG: @blue_ixiim_arte, Fb: @blueixiimarte
is the creator of Sew Mexican. She is a housewife and part time teacher for artists in education for San Joaquin county schools of education. She designs each item with extreme attention to detail. Stephanie has been sewing since she was 5 years old and discovered her passion while watching her grandmother and tia sew. Sew Mexican works are Hispanic/Latinx inspired, hand-made creations. Each ornament, jean jacket, baby clothing, and all other manner of items are accomplished out of her love for creating. IG: @sew_mexican  
STEVEN PRINCE worked in the toy industry where he managed and developed toy lines and animation projects for Puppy in My Pocket, Stink Blasters, and Power Buggz. He is the creator/writer of the series Monster Matador. Steven lives in Los Angeles. IG, FB, X: @monstermatador
TED SIKORA / HERO TOMORROW COMICS is proud to debut a new nemesis from Mexico–Violanté The Undead–in the new issue of Punchline and the Vaude-Villains. Ted was inspired to create Violanté when his family visited San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The history and beauty were overwhelming. Violanté is from a small indigenous village in Mexico. She floats. She breaks wood with her bare hands, Her gaze can cause heart attacks. Her dress design is based on a dried rose. Other Hero Tomorrow titles include Tap Dance Killer, Apama the Undiscovered Animal, and Bloom. IG: @tedsikora
VALERIA ONTIVEROS is a Los Angeles based illustrator and graduate of the Art Institute of North Hollywood with a bachelor’s in Media Arts and Animation. She is the artist, co-creator and character designer for Gordo: The Teenage Flying Saucer, an all ages sci-fi superhero adventure comic book. Visit: TeenageFlyingSacuer.com IG: @valerias_art_brewery76
YVONNE SALDAÑA is a Mexican-American Artist from Stockton, California. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Arts. Her work consists of anthropomorphic beings depicted with the inspiration of Mesoamerican civilization and Japanese animation. She works with various mediums and is currently building up a portfolio for future projects. Visit: midoriwolfart.wixsite.com/website. IG: @midoriwolfart, Fb: @MidoriWolfArt
THERESA ROJAS / DOCTEEROH is Professor of Ethnic Studies and Professor of English at Modesto Junior College where she specializes in comparative media, multi-ethnic comic studies, and visual culture. She is the study guide author for Quince (Fanbase Press) and Monster Matador (2510 Press); essay contributor to RIPPLE EFFECTS (Fanbase Press); cultural consultant for Starlite; (Overcast) and editor of Dave Ortega’s graphic biography, Días de Consuelo (Radiator Comics). Theresa is the Founding Director of the Latinx Comic Arts Festival. IG: @DocTeeRoh, @LatinxComicArtsFest    

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