Monday, October 17, 2022

Celebrating Latinx Heritage All Year (1 of 4)

Exciting news! Our recordings of all of our 2022 panels from the Latinx Comic Arts Festival are now available on YouTube.

Celebrate Latinx Heritage, creators, and art all throughout the year. This week, we release EIGHT exclusive panels recorded during the 2022 Latinx Comic Arts Festival at Modesto Junior college. These panels feature and spotlight Latinx creators, comics, and more.

“Comics Production and Publishing” focuses on what it takes to create and produce a comic as an individual or independent publisher. Discover how these creators and publishers navigate the world(s) of independent comics. 

Featuring Barbra Dillon, Javier Sol√≥rzano, and Crystal Gonzalez. 

Moderated by Jason "J. Gonzo" Gonzalez

“Teaching Comics and Comics Creation” showcases how there has never been a better time to study comics! As we witness a new Golden Age of comics and graphic storytelling, classrooms around the world are opening up to the possibilities of what we can learn by studying visual culture. Join us for this discussion of studying comics and the creation of new narratives in the classroom. 

Featuring Javier Hernandez, Jandro Gamboa, and Luke Martinez, and Bernyce Talley

Moderated by: Amber Padilla

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