Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Celebrating Latinx Heritage All Year (2 of 4)

Today we highlight panels three and four of the 2022 Latinx Comic Arts Festival!

“Artivism: Comic Arts as Activism” features a discussion of how from the earliest superheroes fighting the “forces of evil” to historical accounts and graphic memoir, comics have virtually always been used to express discontent and call for change. Join us as panelists discuss how comics can work as a medium for social justice. 

Featuring J.M. Hunter, Henry Barajas, and Robert Liu Trujillo.

Moderated by: Kristen Parraz of Comadres y Comics

Beyond Superheroes: Autobiography and the Possibilities of Comics Storytelling” revolves around the role of autobiography in comics. These featured creators discuss their work and the development of some of the most dynamic and diverse storytelling in comics. 

Featuring Jaime Crespo, Javier Cruz Winnick, and Luke Martinez

Moderated by: Sara Bazan of Comadres y Comics

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